Garden cleaned for military veteran

We met this amazing man yesterday. Colin is nearly 83, a military veteran (like ourselves) and has not been well recently having to spend some time in hospital. He also had to have a hip replacement and a metal plate placed in his leg.

Colin and his partner were both quite distressed as they had been let down at least five times with some basic garden work that they wanted completing. When we went to have a look, we found that they had also been quoted over the odds, and this just didn’t sit right with us. 

We decided to take action and went to see Colin and his wife to give their garden a makeover and tidy-up free of charge! This removed unnecessary stress and worry meaning that they can now enjoy their garden again.  

Colin was most insistent that he pay us, so we agreed that he makes a donation to the chosen charities that the Mayor of Littlehampton, David Chace.

will be supporting this year. 

Thank you Colin - you are an absolute legend.